cheap metaphors for why my life is like a big bowl of mac n cheese

  1.  mac is SO tasty and delicious, but if you eat too much you get sick. see, even good things have to have limits and end. see, you can’t always have the good-and-delicious or you’ll feel a bit sick and tired. see, it’s going to be okay that i’m leaving my wonderful life here
  2. mac is so cheesy and so am i
  3. a good bowl of mac doesn’t come out of a Kraft Macaroni box. real good mac takes a trip to the store, a big gallon of milk, shredding all the cheese, using the oven and the stove, remembering the spices (even the mustard), and cutting up that onion. mac takes time, effort, planning. wow, just like life!
  4. mac is great at any time of day or night, but the best bowls of mac are always shared. think of a blustery autumn evening, red leaves and cold winds outside, warm mac in a big bowl on the table, and your best friends sitting with you, laughing, joking, eating that mac. just like macaroni, life is best when you share it with others.
  5. macaroni is perfect after a long day of school, and a nice baked mac n cheese blends in perfectly in the high-class restaurant. mac for breakfast? no problem. late night drunk mac n cheese? beautiful. just like me, just like my new jacket, macaroni knows that it is versatile and suited for many different situations. this isnt a mac identity crisis, macaronis just flexible!
  6. ashley rose made me macaroni, just like shes made my life this summer warmer, cheesier, happier, and all around more amazing. i love my macaroni and i love ashley rose! thanks for the laughter and meals and fun in the sun, thanks for the mac and the humor and cleaning the shower! thanks for being just as fantastic as a huge bowl of mac n cheese!
  7. and sometimes, you only have time to make a quick bowl of easymac in the microwave, and sometimes you have to write pretty quick and not-that-special blog posts. this is my easy mac. itll do for now.

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