fact: this is a blog

Here’s a joke. Two sensitive girls live in a house by a lake. They sleep on the floor on foam pads and eat too many donuts. Sometimes, they disappear into the mountains for days at a time. The punchline? This blog. Welcome!

One of the hardest parts of “real life” is finding time to be creative when you don’t have to. If there’s no deadline, no assignment, motivation seems to completely disappear. This website was created as a place for two people to live their most creative lives possible, create across many disciplines, and have somewhere to share it.

meet H

“chocolate brown eyes, ass of an angel.”


meet A

“she’s destined to be an octo-mom.”


want to create with us?

Send us an email at AnxiousDinnerClub@gmail.com with your story, photography, essay, anything and if we like it, we’ll post it! Let’s create something fun together.