poems from a monday night #1

hush, please
and youll hear the wind
blow away summers


hush, please

and you’ll hear the wind

blow away summers





forget for a moment

the click of computers, the buzz of these lightbulbs, the unstoppable tick of that clock

listen please

to the sound

of the rain

on the sidewalk


to the plants drooping downwards,

to the drip of the dew on the dirt,

to the wetness of raindrops on summerdry concrete,

to the swish of the grass underfoot


set down your pencils and papers and planners

and let yourself breathe wild air

do you notice the leaves are all brown on that one branch

do you see that theyll soon be bare


hush, please

or join in the chorus

of birds crying out to the sky


of latenight bugs humming and little mice running and the rush of the clouds as they cry


as the winds rattle branches

and join grasses in dances


they breathe summer out


with a